Company and activity

Our company was created in 2007 as a spin-off of the Advanced Visualization Group in Architecture, Engineering and Town planning of the School of Civil Engineering of the University of A Coruña, with the aim of developing our business within the areas of visualization, land management and smart services.
Since we started up the company and with a strong innovative nature in all our developments, we have marketed solutions for governments, businesses and other institutions. We have a line of management products related to three-dimensional representation of the territory offering solutions applied to architecture, environmental impact, tourism and virtual recreation.
During these years of activity we have increased our technical and technological expertise and ability as a result of the versatility of our team. Thus, our business lines have grown, in both technical competences and scope and applicability.
Some of our main strengths, which give us a competitive advantage respect to other competitors, are our client-oriented service, the definition of innovative conceptual proposals and the added value of being one of the few Spanish companies which has already worked on smart management of geographic data in several application areas.
We spend much of our efforts in monitoring the technological evolution of markets and attract and develop emerging technologies in order to enhance our client’s satisfaction by fulfilling their requirements and promoting technological innovation.


Our innovative concept proposals are the basis for our developments.

From our product, eVidens, we design and market products and solutions which offer integrated solutions for services platforms based in GIS.