eVidens® is a tool that uses geographic visualization to generate added value in the data of different systems, building an information that provides a more complete and analytical territorial reality.


eVidens® has the capacity to integrate data from different management systems, providing them with a new perspective and building a new layer of useful information for decision-making. Organizes, distributes and personalizes information, making it appropriate to the universe of each individual person, being able to show to each user profile data appropriately to provide information and value. It is handy to visualize naturally and easily all the information that manages an organization, on a single comprehensive tool without using complex management tools. eVidens® is the perfect environment to provide information to customers or users in an  attractive and different way. The task of explaining information from complex systems becomes easy using its friendly interface, ideal to show the reality of organizations.

Multiple data sources

Its architecture of connectors enable the visualization of information from various data sources and non-standard services.

Creating Viewers

Its users can create new custom Viewers for different uses and applications.

Visualization adapted to each user

Organization of information and custom visibility settings as well as edition of Viewers and Resources.

Customizable interfaces

Appealing to public presentations and diffusion of complex information with it presentation interface and custom Scenes and Routes.

eVidens® provides the capacity to build custom dashboards and real-time data viewers with the geographical component as added value.

Dashboards that users generate with eVidens®, connect to IoT platforms, Big Data, Business Intelligence, GIS, monitoring systems…


eVidens® has a decoupled architecture which enables an easy integration with other service platforms though dynamic and modular developments, becoming a product that adds value to projects seeking comprehensive management.


The information comes to the user directly and easily. eVidens® provides the ability to analyse a complete scenario instead a non-specific and isolated data, with the possibility of accessing to detailed information and other any data or indicator.


High degree of integration with other critical business applications, geographic information systems, M2M platforms, monitoring systems, Business Intelligence, SCADAS… Simultaneous access to great volume of information (Big Data), preprocessed (BI) and real-time information (IoT).


eVidens® architecture is completely modular. This modularity allows the definition and development of new software pieces providing access to new data or new information adequately represented.


Any item or data can be analysed, displayed and represented. eVidens supports and combines different types of information either textual, multimedia or sensors… and shows it in an integrated and appropriate way for each use and user.

Technical features


Native application for desktop client based on OpenGL, and web client, based on WebGL, which enables integration into mobile devices.

OGC and ESRI compatible

eVidens® supports standard OGC services and native ESRI services, displaying raster and vector GIS information.

Linked queries

Simultaneous queries to different services allows to show unified results that integrate information from multiple platforms.


eVidens® integrates access and connection to secured services provided by different platforms that integrates.


Possibility of integration of HTML content in Desktop and Web clients to facilitate the extension of the product.

Dynamic load

Efficient management of Resources including dynamic load of geographic information depending on the point of view of user.

Adaptive representation

Capacity to adapt to the physical environment and the context of the user who starts a Viewer modulating 2D/ 3D representation.


Different visual styles on the information applying filters depending on different parameters or complex operations between them.


Grouping collections of elements over the territory according to of similarity and short distance criteria.


User permission management that allows customized visibility configurations and management of groups of Viewers and Resources.

3D Models

Three-dimensional models, animations, effects and complex representation over the territory.


Possibility of multi-language interfaces, windows, dialog boxes and own eVidens® tools.

eVidens® DESKTOP

Desktop client is a visualization and geolocated information management professional working environment with high graphic computing capabilities and a high degree of performance, both calculus and integration of information.

 It is easy to use and easy to handle, even for users with low level of expertise, and has a solid basis for creating custom tools that streamline and facilitate the management of data from different platforms that are integrated into their dashboards.


eVidens® WEB

eVidens® Web is a lightweight professional environment, accessible from any supported browser. It includes all the functionality of a geographic Web viewer, such as navigation, drawing tools, measuring… with the added value of implementing similar functional features that provide eVidens® Desktop and adapt to physical execution environment of a viewer modulating 2D/3D representation.

Integration with other systems

eVidens® Viewers can be integrated into third-party web systems or used as tools of these systems, providing services associated to visual representation of elements over the territory and management of geographic information by users without GIS advanced knowledge.


eVidens® Desktop stand-alone
eVidens® Viewer prepared for a Desktop work environment and predefined settings that allows viewing predefined data. Designed for customers who need to solve a particular or specific needs. It can connect to various data sources and real-time services, but stores static information in the system and maintain a local configuration. Creating and saving local eVidens entities.
eVidens® Cloud
Service with identical performance to eVidens® Platform that allows the creation of a limited number of Viewers and other eVidens entities. Designed for customers who want to have the advantages of eVidens Platform and wish to outsource the maintenance. Available to be operated by a wide range of users with different configurations, settings and permissions. No investment required to deploy and maintenance.