Mundos Digitales

International Conference on Animation, VFX, Videogames and Digital Architecture

The International Conference on Animation, VFX, Videogames and Digital Architecture, Mundos Digitales takes place annually during the first week of July in A Coruña.

The town becomes the international capital of digital technologies, with an ambitious program that gathers around 700 participants and some of the brightest professionals in each field.

The conference attracts all kinds of attendees, such as professionals, animation, audio-visual and architecture students and people from diverse fields interested in computer graphics.

In addition to lectures and workshops the conference organizes projections and, since some years, due to the great interest awaken, includes a recruitment section where companies and candidates can have private meetings.

Also, Mundos Digitales promotes synergies between different industry players and boosts creativity and debate. After some years, it has become the meeting point for talented people and projects and employment creation.

The perfect finale for the event is the screening of its Animation Short Film Festival finalists and the Awards Ceremony. Each year, hundreds of national and international projects participate and the audience has the chance to watch and vote for their favourites awarding the Special Public Award.

In order to foster synergies between the various actors in the industry and boost creativity and debate, Mundos Digitales is one of the reference events in its category in Spain and Europe.