Agalería is a project that represents the new art virtual pavilion of Afundación Obra Social ABANCA, based on a novel technology of interactive 3D environments and whose first exhibition, called “El Mar de las Colecciones” shows numerous works from the ABANCA and AFundación collections as well as other complementary multimedia content.

Using the latest technologies based on 3D environments and advanced visualization to recreate an architectural environment in communion with nature and the sea, the project was born under the premise of being a dynamic museum experience that will evolve with the technology, the needs of visitors or the contents to be treated. It is a new concept of shared virtual space in which all kinds of activities, content and themes will take place.

A fictitious, virtual space, where leisure, culture, tourism and education are mixed.

Likewise, this experience is created to be experienced through high-end virtual reality devices in which, through a real-time recreation, various weather and dynamic effects are included in the virtual environment.

//Agalería. Virtual Pavilion