Arte al Descubierto


Arte al Descubierto. Palacio Municipal is a virtual tour inside the A Coruña city hall where you can discover, through immersive high resolution photography, the building and all the art pieces on display inside, making it accessible to anyone anywhere in the world. The application contains over 16,000 pictures which, as a whole, provide plenty of resources to discover the treasures hidden in the building’s architecture, sculpture and decorating artwork.

Arte al Descubierto. Palacio Municipal will help us fully enjoy the beauty of details which would go unnoticed even for the most attentive of all visitors, thanks to the use of groundbreaking technologies of high resolution visualization.

The outside features of the building that hosts the Town Council of A Coruña, including those unreachable due to their height, are described in detail here. The inside has been dealt with through ‘immersed’ photography of the chambers in the City Hall Palace. Every item and area shown in this app comes with extra information and other multimedia content, thus allowing the user to check every detail and discover the city history in an interactive manner.