Ruta dos Carpinteiros cos Pes Mollados

Surely many times you have seen routes that, although you enjoy them, they only fulfill the function of visually pleasing landscapes. But now, with emotional routes, you will go a step further.

Your visitors will be impressed with your destination and, in addition, they will be part of its history. They will discover memories and emotions that will make them connect with the place and its people. The local population will be in charge of making, from a conventional tour, an emotional route with a specific theme. They will be captivated by the small audiovisual pieces that they will be able to visualize and that will expand the information.

While your visitors plan the route from their homes, they will be able to start enjoying the experience through technology. This will be possible thanks to a fully navigable map on which, by scrolling through it, they will be able to access a large amount of multimedia information about the route.

And, as if that were not enough, once on the route, they will be able to continue accessing the information through their mobile device, which will also show their position on the map in real time. And now your visitors will be impressed before and during.