O Xogo da Gota


Online application developed within the framework of the Life Fluvial project and whose objective is to learn by playing about the importance of rivers for biodiversity and culture. It is similar to the traditional “Juego de la Oca” and features two game boards.

The first board reflects the Mero river basin from its source to its mouth in the Ría do Burgo. It includes all the tributaries of the Mero and incorporates the systems that allow water supply in the metropolitan area of ​​A Coruña.

The other board runs through the upper basin of the Miño river from the source of its main corridors (Parga, Ladra, Támoga) to the city of Lugo, and aims to get players to discover the highlights of the Red Natura 2000, biodiversity of the river corridor and the culture that can be found along the route of the river.

The game is very simple and fun and has some surprises in the special boxes that you must discover. It is aimed at all girls and boys between 0 and 99 years old who want to have fun learning more about the importance of rivers, the riverside forests and the natural and cultural wealth of their environment.

O Xogo da Gota