Interactive recreation of sea level rise


As part of the actions that Afundación Obra Social ABANCA develops during the Environment and Oceans Week, ILUX Visual Technologies has created an interactive application that allows you to see the impact of sea level rise in 62 locations on the Spanish and Portuguese coastline in the year 2100.

The objective of this recreation, inspired by studies carried out by Climate Central, is to inform about the urgency and importance worldwide of preserving a healthy ocean for current and future generations.

ABANCA, sole patron of Afundación Obra Social, is a signatory to the United Nations Principles of Sustainable Oceans. These Principles constitute a framework of good practices for responsible action in the ocean, common to all types of sectors and geographies.

With this commitment, the global importance of a sustainable ocean is recognized, and it is materialized through measures that promote the well-being of the ocean. These measures include raising awareness of good practices and spreading knowledge so that we are all informed and can be part of the change.

Interactive recreation