Showroom CSC

CSC Showroom is a space to learn about and be able to play with all the “smart” projects of the city of A Coruna.

Coruña Smart City or CSC is a new urban model able of responding adequately to the basic needs of institutions, businesses, and own whole city, both economically and in the operational, social and environmental aspects.

Coruña Smart City takes full advantage of technological advances to save costs through efficiency, provide new services, reduce the environmental footprint, to stimulate local innovation and move towards new forms of governance.

Be a smart city means betting on a new model of collaboration and work together in improving day by day so that nobody is left behind. It is a global project of innovation, improving quality of life, public participation and positioning and modernization of the city.

In this Showroom you can discover Coruña Smart City.

A new way to show to citizenship the technologies and smart systems in their city.