Presentation of the innovative Smart Coruña gateway

Today, the Council of A Coruña and the consortium formed by Indra, Altia, R and ILUX presented the gateways that will facilitate communication of sensors with the “brain” of the smart city.

The A Coruña Smart City project advances towards its goal of improving the quality of life of citizens and the economic and business environment from technological innovation, positioning the city as an efficient management model in the area of the cities of the future.

Coruña Smart City gateways, designed and developed 100% in Galicia, are able to connect with devices from different manufacturers, which makes it a product with a very high potential for commercialization in the field of Smart Cities.

The first devices will be installed in the coming days, in test mode, in various parks and public buildings of the city. In total, for the Coruña Smart City project 415 low power consumption and modular gateways will be produced. They will be ready to connect to all types of networks and protocols and adapt to different environments depending on their location, both indoor and outdoor. The gateways will connect to the CSC platform through a high-speed optical fibre network.