ILUX is developing the real time dashboard visualization system for the Coruña Smart City Platform

The City of A Coruña, through its municipal water company, EMALCSA, has awarded consortium formed by Indra, Altia, ILUX and R the definition, design and development of Smart Coruña platform and the definition and implementation of the project office.

A Coruña is creating a new city model that allows to implement and develop major technological projects. The Smart Coruña project is going to provide the city with a centralized system, an intelligent management and control platform which will help to deploy technology pilots aimed at improving public services in the field of sustainability, efficiency and citizen welfare.

eVidens, as an integral system of advanced visualization, will become the visualization system for Coruña Smart City Platform. eVidens is a real time dashboard which easily and intuitively help to solve all questions and concerns that may arise in planning and problem solving in a city.