eVidens AI


Artificial intelligence (AI) is present in almost all areas of travel and tourism, appearing in different types of applications such as personalisation and recommendation systems, chatbots, etc. Recent improvements in Big Data platforms, algorithms and computing power have led to significant improvements in AI in the tourism sector.

This is particularly relevant when choosing a destination due to the number of decisions involved (transport, accommodation, leisure activities, etc.). This is why it is essential to integrate the world of data with the visual selection of tourist and heritage resources. Who has not chosen to visit a beach, a monument or a heritage resource because they have seen an image that has caught their attention? eVidensAI integrates these two fields, allowing the user to access a large amount of information linked to an image selected by themselves.

Through a complex Computer Vision system based on Machine Learning, a deep learning network has been created that is capable of carrying out an exhaustive and categorised analysis in real time of the information contained in thousands of images never seen by the system.